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Crooked Brook Wines

Crooked Brook Single Vineyard Wines was planted on chocolate loam soils in 1998.  We had a dream to plant a vineyard true to it’s origins,  producing delicious, easy to drink wines, so we set off on an adventure of finding a viable site for a vineyard planting.

We were enchanted by the lands around Crooked Brook, which saw us work with a dedicated crew who helped us bring this dream to a reality, including amazing winemaker, Peter Stanlake and fantastic viticulturist Jim Campbell-Claus and of course faithful family, to produce wines based on the old adage of quality not quantity.

The unique terroir of Crooked Brook, with vines grown on the ancient river bank, and one of the earliest ripening in the area, is well known for the quality fruit produced and the care and attention starts with predominantly handpicking the fruit at harvest.

Close attention follows with attending to the needs of the vineyard, time tested traditional methods by an experienced (but very cool) winemaker, bringing the wine to next level sublimity, the oak imbuing the wine with the subtle nuances, we are excited to discover on shared tastings and contribute to great cellaring ability.

We are pleased to say this all delivers dividends in the taste, smell, colour and plain delicious qualities of the resultant wine. The labels reflect fun, art and culture, with a sparkling stylised brook image on the more traditional wines (a nod to the french varietals of shiraz and chardonnay), and beautiful spanish art faces on the lighter wines, a nod to the spanish heritage of grenache and mataro.

As we continue to grow, we would love to share these exclusive, limited edition wines with you and have now created availability through our limited private mailing list.  We would be delighted to receive an inquiry from you to join the list, simply by emailing the link below. I hope you are enjoying our latest vintage of single vineyard selection from Crooked Brook Single Vineyard Wines… email us on


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